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LifeVac saves its 1000th child!

Congratulations to Arthur Lih, the inventor and founder of LifeVac. The device has now this evening (13/12/23) saved its 1000th childs life.

This just goes to show how necessary this device is to be part of the home, a childrens nursery or pre-school, schools and care homes alike! The stark reality is where there is a human there is a possibility of choking and this device is the forefront of airway clearance devices which continues to break boundaries and save countless lives.

We are so proud to be the journey that is LifeVac In memory of Oliver who sadly lost his life in September 2021 whilst attending a nursery. We have now distributed over 35 kits with the generosity and support of many businesses across Kent and beyond and we are so grateful to each and every single one of you that has donated to our campaign and those who continue to donate going forward.

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