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LifeVac training...

The device has been designed to be operated by anyone. It's as simple as 'place, push, pull'. 

LifeVac QR Code

Every LifeVac device comes with an easy to scan QR code. When scanned this takes every end user to free training videos.

These video’s cover device overview, when and how to use a LifeVac device in a choking emergency. These video’s also explain how to use LifeVac on someone that is laying down, sitting and standing.

Roughly 70% of LifeVac usages, the end user hasn’t received any LifeVac Training. They simply read our detailed instruction booklet and scan our QR code.

LifeVac E-Learning

LifeVac Training – CPD Certified e-learning course

LifeVac have created an easy to use FREE e-learning course which covers:

  • Choking prevention

  • How to identify different types of choking

  • What can cause a choking emergency

  • Case studies

  • Device overview

  • How and when to use LifeVac® in a choking emergency

  • Videos on the use of LifeVac®

  • Competency Test

After you successfully completed the above, you will receive a certificate.

Face To Face Training & Virtual Face to Face Training via Zoom or Teams

LifeVac have trained 1000’s of people in the use of LifeVa® and face-to-face training is a popular option. These training sessions can vary in size to suit your staffing needs and to minimize any disruption to your daily schedule.  From 5 people in a session to 20 people in a session and from 1 session a day to 5 sessions a day each person will be trained on the use of LifeVac.

Face-to-face training can be carried out in any location throughout the UK to suit you. LifeVac training covers how LifeVac works and how to use LifeVac in an emergency situation when a casualty is sitting (in a wheelchair), standing or laying down and BLS has failed.


Each person is shown how to easily identify the correct sized mask with their colour coded identifier and place them into the LifeVac device. They then get to use a LifeVac device on one of our choking Charlie manikin’s and dislodge the bolus inside Charlies airway.


When the training session is complete and every trainee feels comfortable in the use of LifeVac to save a life, each person receives a training certificate from us for your compliance records.

Please note there may be a cost for this payable direct to LifeVac Europe LTD.


For more information on training visit

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