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The LifeVac device...

When first aid fails, or cannot be performed the LifeVac device offers a lifeline for upper airway blockages.

LifeVac device



What is a LifeVac device...

We have formed a beautiful partnership with LifeVac Europe LTD who are the manufacturer of the LifeVac anti choking device. Regulated by the MHRA, FDA and many other regulatory bodies.

The device... Place, Push, Pull.​

LifeVac is designed with a patented one way valve system, this means when applied no air can be forced through the interchangeable sized mask’s when depressed. This creates one-way suction to safely and effectively remove the lodged food or object. Being non invasive means there is no risk damaging the oral cavity, pushing the obstruction further down, pushing the tongue back in a panic situation, no tubes can become blocked rendering the device useless or activating the gag reflex putting the casualty at greater risk.

LifeVac is the only non invasive airway clearance device and the only airway clearance device with independent medical testing, peer reviewed medical publications, medical abstracts proving safety, effectiveness and lives saved.

LifeVac created the market for airway clearance devices and are leading the way for airway clearance device technology.

Foods that are classed as a choking risk are things such as whole grapes, nuts, marshmallows, hard boiled sweets, chewy sweets such as Haribo and sausages. It is always recommended to cut food up for children, for example you would not give a whole grape to a child as these are a “perfect” size to block their airway, it is recommended to cut grapes in at least half. Infants, children and young people with a neurodisability and those born prematurely are most likely to be at risk of dysphagia, but feeding difficulties also occur in typically developing children.

LifeVac has saved over 1300 children to date, ranging in age from 4 months old to 16 years of age. They have helped dislodge many things from a child’s airway such as: grapes, marbles, coins, popcorn, hot dog, hard boiled sweets, plastic, marshmallow, sandwiches, leafs, yogurt, crisps and much more. All of these precious children saved have all been when first aid choking protocol has failed.

Counterfeit devices, beware...

We only supply genuine LifeVac products, there are many 'facebook ad' type shops which sadly and dangerously sell counterfeit devices which can push the obstruction further down. LifeVac has a one-way valve system which means when applied no air can be forced through the interchangeable sized masks. LifeVac's non-invasive design means no tubes can push the tongue back or obstruct further down in a panic situation. This also means no tubes can become blocked rendering the device useless if only part of the obstruction has been removed. Fakes can easily be spotted by their option to buy different colour variations or they are priced stupidly low (Dropshipping) and use the official LifeVac branding and website videos etc.

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