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About Oliver...

We miss our son dearly, not a minute goes by where we don't think of him.

Oli was an absolute joy. Being first time parents during the Covid-19 pandemic certainly had it's challenges, however Oli would always put a smile on our faces. 

He had such a cheeky demeanour (one that he's passed onto his little brother!) and his hair just suited this personality - bouncy, spiky and so much of it! 

Whilst he wasn't quite there with crawling, he would roll everywhere, you couldn't trust him at all and everything had to be out of reach. He absolutely loved his bouncer, often falling asleep mid bouncing session (we became experts in transferring him to his cot!) He also loved to babble 'dadadadada' all the time, and would wake us up in the morning doing just that. I can still feel the love from that last morning, going into his room. His huge smile making me feel better despite feeling unwell. He was the best medicine, if we were feeling sad, angry, poorly... Oli would always know how to cheer us up. 

Oli attended Jelly Beans on Thursday 23 September 2021. At around 1130 that day, Zoe received a call from the nursery saying Oli had had an accident whilst eating, had choked and was being treated by paramedics. Zoe arrived at the nursery a short time later to find paramedics running to the ambulance performing CPR on Oli.


Oli was then taken to William Harvey Hospital by ambulance accompanied by his mother. On arrival at the hospital, she heard from the paramedics that Oli had apparently choked on some pasta which he had been fed at the nursery. 

Doctors at the hospital were able to restore Oli’s heartbeat but advised he needed to be transferred to the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London for specialist care. Sadly, his condition worsened and on arrival at the Evelina Zoe and Lewis were informed by doctors that Oli would not survive. Over the next few days tests confirmed that Oli’s brain was irreparably damaged. Oli passed away on Wednesday 29 September 2021.   

Not a day goes by we don't think of him. The 'what ifs', the imagine memories of Summer days and Christmas celebrations. He has blessed us with his baby brother, Jake, however Oli is still a huge part of our home life, with photos and memories around the house. He will never ever be forgotten and we hope that the charity will become his legacy, saving others and bringing the same comfort to families in need, the same way he did to us.

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