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A FREE and easy way to help us raise funds

We've partnered with EasyFundraising - a simply visit to their website, click on the retailer of your choice, clicking a link takes you directly to the retailer, you pay the retailer as normal and we get a % donation back from your shop!

Step 1 - Sign up for a FREE, ZERO spam Easyfundraising account using the following link: Step 2 - Select "The Oliver Steeper Foundation" as your chosen charitable cause.

Step 3 - When shopping online, Tesco, ASDA, amazon (via website only, app doesn't work) etc simply visit before you visit the retailer of your choice, login to your account and select the retailer from this extensive list of over 8000 retailers;

Step 4 - Click the retailer of choice, which will then take you directly to their website as you would shop normally, once you've done this process once, it takes less then 10 seconds to do it each time!

Step 5 - Complete your shop on the retailers website, pay the retailer directly as normal and thats it, you've helped us generate a % of your shopping as funds for our charity just by visiting the easyfundraising website before you shop!

EasyFundraising App

Download the FREE App to shop & raise with over 7,000 brands, track your donations & much more from either the App Store or GooglePlay via 

You can also get automatic reminders via a web browser extension..

Download from and if you are on a website they support, you'll see the notification which you simply click "get donation" and any money spent will generate a % of your shop as income for us!


Lewis & Zoe xx

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