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The Oliver Steeper Foundation partners with Tigerlily Training

Since the death of Oliver we have been trying to educate and empower staff members to ask for training if they feel they are at risk for forgetting resuscitation / choking protocol.

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The Oliver Steeper Foundation has partnered with Tigerlily Training following the death of Oliver to reduce the risk of another child choking and improve safer eating practices. 

In late 2021, after Oli's passing we were contact by Kent Safeguarding Multi-agency Partnership with the prospect of building a 'Safer Eating Campaign' and over the next couple of years with various delays due to the criminal investigation happening in the background a beautiful visual approach was build with a child's 'stage not age' at heart. 

“Since the death of our son Oliver, who sadly died in a nursery in Kent in September 2021 after choking on pasta we knew we had to create a legacy for Oliver to prevent other parents from having to live through the nightmare we have endured. The Oliver Steeper Foundation was created mid 2023 with the aims of providing a lifesaving information, of safer feeding, into all registered early years childcare settings.  We miss his beautiful little face, his cheeky little laugh, and the joy he brought to our lives in his short time on this planet.”

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